What is Compounding Pharmacy: Meeting Patients’ Needs

How do Compounding pharmacists help patients?


There is a whole host of opportunities for our pharmacists to assist you needs and some may include –

  • Enhance patient compliance (taste, size, appearance, dosage forms)
  • Provide medications not commercially manufactured
  • Provide medications in short supply or not available
  • Provide medications in different strengths if not available
  • Provide discontinued medications
  • Provide specialized medications for use in physicians’ offices and clinics
  • Make tablets/capsules easier to swallow for a child or elderly patient
  • Provide medications in alternative dosage forms (topical creams or ointments, transdermals preparations) for patients
  • Provide medications for animals as well as for humans
  • Work with HRT (Hormone replacement therapy) and pain patients to obtain optimum results
  • Combine several medications in one preparation
  • Monitor drug therapy
  • Work hand-in-hand with physicians and other healthcare practitioners
  • Often work on the “cutting edge” of new therapies

Yes, compounding pharmacists enhance medication compliance and help patients…each day!

If you would like to talk to one of our compounding pharmacists please Send an Email to National Custom Compounding or phone 1300 731 755