Research shows that using two different stop-smoking products increases your chances of quitting, compared to using just one.1

To effectively manage the cravings, we’ll help you choose the products that are right for you. As well as providing expert advice and support, we’ll help create a personalised quit smoking plan you can stick to.

How to Quit Smoking Today

Ask: about personalising a quit smoking plan
Stick: with the recommended Nicotine patch.
Spray: away any cravings with Nicotine spray
Quit: together, with ongoing Amcal support.

Quitting Timeline

6 Hours: Your blood pressure has decreased2
24 Hours: More oxygen in your body2
7 Days: Your lungs’ natural cleaning system begins to recover, as well as your body’s vitamin C levels2
2 Months: Your immune system is beginning to recover2
6 Months: Your lungs are producing less phlegm and working better2
12 Months: Your risk of heart disease is now half that of when you were smoking3

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