New report finds high rate of medication errors in hospital discharge summaries

A new report released in January by the Pharmaceutical Society of Australia (PSA) has found that at least one medication error occurs in 3 out of 5 Australian hospital discharge summaries prepared without consultation with a pharmacist. The report titled Medicine Safety: Take Care, also found that over 90 per cent of patients have at […]

Could locally compounded orphan drugs be the solution for families struggling with high costs of medicines?

Gold Coast specialist pharmacist, Matthew Bellgrove is calling on the government to consider modern compounding as part of the solution to the escalating cost of orphan drugs used to treat rare diseases. Mr Bellgrove said taking a fresh new look at the services provided by the Australia’s modern compounding sector could result in significant savings […]

Expert warns kids may be exposed to harmful levels of additives in ‘off-label’ medication

Children may be exposed to harmful levels of preservatives and additives used in some medications due to ‘off label’ prescription of adult formulations, warns a Queensland-based pharmacist. Specialist Compounding Pharmacist, Matthew Bellgrove said he wanted to increase awareness of the risks amongst Australia’s medical community after a number of papers on the issue were published […]