We’re a small fish in a big pharmaceutical pond – Should Australia be worried?

According to NPS Medicine Wise Australia accounts for only 2 per cent of the pharmaceutical sector’s global market and we import more than 90{648ff2b140dd79f8b10f01740237e66061b7c0f8b396ba52d99047c684c8722c} of our medicines from overseas. In light of the increasing incidence of global drug shortages, affecting even giant markets like the U.S., should we be worried? In September of this year […]

Could Trump’s latest plan see the price of medicine jump in Australia?

Donald Trump’s plan to bring down the skyrocketing cost of prescription medication in the U.S. has the potential to see prices increase in other parts of the world, according to the President himself. In a speech given at the U.S Department of Health and Human Services late last week, President Trump outlined his plan to […]