Take these early warning health tests and start the new year with peace of mind

The new year is here and no doubt you’ve made a resolution or two to start 2019 on the right foot. Improving health always tops the list of resolutions, whether it’s to lose weight, quit smoking, eat better or reduce stress. Is improving your health high on your list of priorities for 2019? So what’s […]

Queensland patients will suffer from Government decision to reject separate pharmacy council

A Gold Coast pharmacist is calling on the Queensland Government to re-consider their decision not to establish a state-based pharmacy council that would have the power to enforce on-premises health and safety standards and ensure pharmacies were compliant with current ownership rules. Matthew Bellgrove from National Custom Compounding at Merrimac said Queensland was the only […]

New Code brings greater transparency to doctor-pharma relationships

Medicines Australia (MA) has announced that from 1 October this year, it’s members will be required to report payments made by companies to health care professionals for the provision of services; a move that’s been welcomed by integrative health professionals on the Gold Coast. The new Code has been developed after a two-year consultation period […]

Cases of rotavirus on the rise

Australian health officials are reminding people to practice good personal hygiene after a spike in reported cases of the gastrointestinal bug, rotavirus, in New South Wales. 1300 cases of the highly-infectious rotavirus have been recorded in the state this year alone, representing a 5-year high. Health officials are currently investigating the reasons behind the dramatic […]

Sleep quality and the case for melatonin

Increasingly sleep deprivation is being recognised by health professionals as having a significant impact on a person’s health. Matthew Walker, director at University of California, Berkeley’s Center for Human Sleep Science links sleep deprivation to a range of serious health issues¹ including cancer, diabetes, Alzheimer’s, obesity, and poor mental health. He describes the implications of […]