What is Pyroluria and can it be cured?

Sometimes known as Malvaria, Pyroluria is a curious term that describes potentially harmful levels of something called kryptopyrroles in the body. While it’s not a recognised medical condition, several studies suggest that a high percentage of people with a history of mental illness test positive for Pyroluria. In a paper published in Nature, International Journal […]

Routine prescribing of placebos – new study suggests it could be the future

The puzzling medical phenomena of the placebo effect has been well known in the medical community for many years, however a new body of research suggests that, contrary to previous thinking, the effect may still work even when the patient knows they’re taking a pill that contains nothing more than sugar. Four small trials conducted […]

Lyme disease in Australia – treatment for a controversial disease

For many years Lyme disease was thought only to exist in the United States however evidence is now mounting that the debilitating disease is infecting people right here in Australia. In 2012, the Lyme Disease Association of Australia reported that over 200 people in Australia had tested positive for Lyme disease with the majority of […]