Should we be worried about parabens in medicine?

Parabens are used in many medications as a preservative. They’re also used in many cosmetics, skin care products and processed foods for the same reason. And they do a top notch job. They’re tasteless, odourless, colourless, they don’t react to chemicals they come in contact with, and they’re cheap. Without them, medicines, foods and other […]

What’s the difference between a compounding pharmacy and a drug manufacturer?

In our great-grandparent’s day, all pharmacies were compounding pharmacies. If you were sick, you’d visit your local doctor who would write you a script which you’d take to your local pharmacy. The pharmacist would make up your medication, from scratch, on site, using raw ingredients, according to the directions on the script. The large drug […]

Can you rely on a compounding pharmacy?

It comes as a surprise to some that compounding pharmacy is one of the most highly regulated industry sectors in the country. All compounding chemists in Australia are directed by the Pharmacy Board of Australia to follow guidelines set out in in the ‘Extemporaneous dispensing’ section of the current edition of the Australian Pharmaceutical Formulary […]