Did you know that over 60% of all Australians are currently considered to be overweight or obese?*

Two thirds of whom are simply not worried about their weight** – and this is becoming a major health problem.

What are the risk factors?

Excess weight can be a risk factor in developing a number of health conditions. These can include heart disease, type 2 diabetes and sleep apnoea.◊^ As the level of excess weight increases, so does the risk of developing these conditions. In addition, being overweight can hamper the ability to control or manage chronic disorders.†

We can help

With pharmacy-only medications‡ that don’t require a prescription, your Amcal pharmacist can help find the right weight loss solution for you. Starting with a personalised weight loss consultation, your Amcal pharmacist will check and advise you on the following:

+ BMI and blood pressure check

+ Waist circumference measurement

+ Weight loss and management advice

+ Product recommendation

*Australian Bureau of Statistics (2015). **Heart Foundation Australia (2011). ◊Better Health (2014). ^Sleep Health Foundation (2015). †Australian Institute of Health and Welfare (2017). ‡Pharmacy-only medications aren’t appropriate for all patients and require consultation with your pharmacist.