Compounding Paediatric Omeprazole

A professional update from our Compounding Pharmacists

At National Custom Compounding, the Care of patients when using compounded medicines is an absolute priority because we understand that the medicines we create helps to improve patient’s health.

A compounded product that is starting to gain an public awareness is OMEPRAZOLE liquid for infants and it is used to control the amount of acid product by the stomach causing conditions such as reflux or GORD. This medication has been used extensively in the past for adults.

A Doctor or Pediatrician will normally calculate the appropriate starting dose and then adjust this dose according to the results with the patient.

The benefits of compounded Omeprazole, compared to tablets, is that we can create a product that is easy for parents to administer and tasty for the kids.

Useful tips

  • This products needs to be refrigerated
  • Bottle must be shaken before given to patient
  • National Custom Compounding will have this product READY for collection 4pm on the same day.
  • The standard flavor is bubblegum but this can be adjusted if needed.