Choosing a Compounding Pharmacy to care for your health.

Suggested Guidelines for Choosing a Compounding Pharmacy

When you initially contact a compounding pharmacy, you may want to ask them for the following information

1.Does the pharmacy use tested Formulas and Pharmaceutical Ingredients?

National Custom Compounding has a developed relationship with a number of Australia Compounding Wholesale businesses. This ensures all raw materials are sourced at the highest standard. These companies also provide technical support which ensures all Formulations are tried and tested.

2.What initial training is required for the pharmacists & staff members when they begin working there?

All of the pharmacists at National Custom Compounding has undertaken an extensive Pharmacist Compounding training provided by an External Training company. This course is run over 5 days and looks extensively at the role and requirements of a Compounding Pharmacist. All staff undergo an internal orientation and training. Once the team members get involved in the lab processes they go through a Lab Technician training which gives them the skills required to prepare compounded medicines.

3. What ongoing education do staff members receive? Do they participate in formal continuing compounding education programs?

This is extremely important because the Compounding environment is continually changing and technologies are advancing so it is critical that all staff are up to date with their skills.

4. Does the pharmacy have a quality assurance and continuous quality improvement program? Does the pharmacy have its compounded preparations tested for potency to ensure you are getting the right amount of medication? 

As advised by the Pharmacy Board of Australia and USP guidelines, all Compounding Pharmacies are required to have a ‘Standard Operating Procedure’ which outlines to all team members, the process to follow through the pharmacy. The SOP ensures that every time a medication is compounded, order taken or lab room cleaned, it is done to the same high standard. This ensures that the patient experience is high and consistent.

National Custom Compounding is also QCPP (Quality Care Pharmacy Practice) certified which meetings Australian Government standards.

5. How are patients educated on the appropriate use of their compounded prescriptions? Does the pharmacy conduct a review of all the patients’ current medications along with any compounded preparations?

When a compounding medication is commenced for the first time by a patient, our team runs through a series of questions to ensure there are no contraindications (allergies or medication related) to the patient using the new medication.

All patients are invited to sit down with our compounding pharmacists and have a thorough review of their medicines. This includes regular vitamins, prescription medicine and compounded medicines.

6. If the pharmacy is in a different state than the one you reside in, and you are considering having them ship a compounded prescription to you, how do they ensure that your medicine will arrive safely.

There are only a small number of compounding pharmacies throughout Australia, compared to regular pharmacies, and as a result you may need to have your medicines posted.

National Custom Compounding uses 2 freight services to ensure that it arrives on time and safely. Fastway and Australia Post are the preferred couriers and offer a tracking service and also fragile handling process for your medication. Any refridgerated compounded medicine is stored in a cold box which allows the medicine to stay between 2-8 degrees for upto 3 days.


If you have any other questions about what questions to ask when choosing a compounding pharmacy please send us an email or call 1300731755