Encouraging patients to stick to the plan

According to a World Health Organisation report ¹ around half of all patients with a chronic disease, do not follow the treatment prescribed by their doctor. It’s a big statistic and one that is of concern to all health professionals. While most patients will commit to a short course developed in consultation with their doctor, […]

Why medicines become unavailable and what to do about it.

Has your medication been taken off the market? For anyone managing a chronic health condition or protracted illness, the thought of a drug manufacturer discontinuing their medication is not a cheery one. Patients often go through a lengthy process of ‘trial and error’ to find a medication regime that works for them – to start […]

Palmitoylethanolamide (PEA)

Pain Therapy Pain is a very difficult and often chronic condition. Its source can be unknown, making diagnosis and treatment in some situations very difficult. Patients which suffer chronic pain may  need to try a wide range of treatments, both medication and allied health, in an attempt to get the pain under control. Presentation of […]