Boric Acid Pessaries – Bacterial Vaginosis

Bacterial Vaginosis

Bacterial vaginosis is a condition that results from the imbalance in the pH of the vaginal environment, specifically the vagina becomes alkaline. Often the symptoms experienced by patients include irritability, discomfort and discharge. These symptoms are similar to those experienced with fungal infections and on occasions, treatment for the fungal infections prove ineffective which may indicate something like Bacterial Vaginosis.

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Boric Acid is a product that is not made through traditional commercial pharmaceutical companies. It is for this reason that Compounding Pharmacies play an important role.

Boric acid is a mildly acidic antiseptic, so when used to cleanse the vagina, the pH level is restored to a more acidic level, which is typical. Treating in this way is an effective option for relieving bacterial vaginosis.

How to use the Compounded Product

Our compounded Boric Acid Pessaries come in a capsule which easily dissolves in the vagina when inserted.

It is best to insert ONE (1) capsule at night immediately before going to sleep. It is important to speak to your Doctor regarding your specific dose.

Normally a course of Boric Acid will run for 7 to 14 days and it is important to take the entire course. Even if the symptoms resolve sooner.

Any Questions?

Like all prescription medications, it is important to follow your Doctors directions and should you experience any unwanted side effects, cease the medicine immediately and contact your Doctor.

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