Throughout our life many of us will be taking regular medicines to help maintain our health. Often we will also take vitamins to supplement a healthy diet and lifestyle. Many of us will take these at the same time as prescription medicines. But did you know the wrong mix of medications may be harmful.

If you or someone you care for are on any medication, it’s important to be taking the right amount, at the right times. Always read the instructions and take the medication as advised by your doctor and/or pharmacist. At Amcal, there are a range of medication management services to assist you and your family to safely use medicines achieving the best result for you.

We also offer other medication management services:

+ Medications organisers

Your Amcal pharmacist can work with you and your doctor to pack your medicines into an easy-to-use weekly pack. This can help you better understand your medicines and give you more confidence that you are taking the right medicine at the right time. Using a medicine organiser to help you take your medicine as directed, helps you get better results from your treatment.

+ Medication reminders

Receive reminders directly to your phone so you never forget when your prescription is due

+ Scripts on file

At Amcal we can store your prescriptions for your convenience, so they are all in one spot. The next time you need your prescription prepared, simply call your local Amcal pharmacy

+ Medicine home delivery

If you find it hard to get to the pharmacy or are too unwell, many Amcal pharmacies offer medicine home delivery

+ Return of unwanted medicines

Medicines should not be disposed of with general rubbish. It is also harmful for the environment to dispose down a drain. Your local Amcal pharmacy provides for the safe disposal of unwanted medicines free of charge